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kaka_extreme [userpic]

Sonia Sneek Peek

OK I had a Photoshoot with Luminant Photography again, who is well awesome ^_^

I took a few costumes with me for the shoot Sonia from Ninja Gaiden was one of them. Thought I'll get some cool pictures before I break them at Paris Games Fest XD

Heres a sneek peek of one of them 8P

Bye bye for now


kaka_extreme [userpic]

Tecmo Cosplay Idol Competition


Well competition is out 8D if you haven't got a PS3 and want one... now is the chance! Get stitching! 8P


kaka_extreme [userpic]

Sonia is on the go!

One full day of working on my Sonia (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2) costume... bit amazed as I would be out to a meet up if it wasn't dropped due to a sudden terrible weather change up here.

Anyways Sonia wasn't a costume I planned to make as I spent days decided on weather to do Sonia or Elizebet for London MCM Expo. In the end I choose Elizebet and ditched Sonia (T^T) ... I love both and was quite sad for ditching one of them...

How can you decide from to two and not be heart broken!

Anyway's later Laura and I was invited to the Paris Games Festival to help promote the up coming game Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, by Tecmo (which I am very excited about as I have never been to one, yet alone one in Paris!) and therefore... reason for me to do Sonia 8P... Plus there is no way I can finish Elizebet's amour off in time for it... actually I havent even planned how to make that yet XD

But oh well! Sonia is rolling away very very VERY well in the last ten hours! 8P Managed to get quite a bit done!

Jacket almost all finished just need back detail 8P

The rest is slowly on its way lol... for now my hands need rest after none stop hand sewing and being pricked to death, its like making Major Motoko all over again. Least theres one good thing... I aint stuck in a body suit this time like in Major XD

For now I'm off to read some manga and one which I am most happily to have found today

HURRAY! Manga version! I no longer need to sit and watch my firned play through the game! since so many times I have fallen asleep!

Oh yeah! ... Redkun posted some awesome pics of Leviathan from Megaman up that we took at Ayacon! heres one pic I love the most!!!

Will post more up later! For now... I'm off to sneak on people bwuhahahah!

Over and out


kaka_extreme [userpic]

AyaCon Awesomeness (At Long Last!!!)

Ok so it has been like almost a month since it has happened up hell everyone knows i take forever to right up my stuff unless I am in the mood so ... here we go

Thursday- The awesome day of travelling down to Conventry! Man was first time going to a convention by train so was a releave for once to not the sitting in a seet for over 5 hours! Though get there we had the problem of me trying to find my friend Sam (Defrains), and since we were both at different stations that where miles from one another... we came to such a problem of where the heck each of us where... in the end TAXI!!!! Isn't money and taxi a saviour when your lost?! YES!
Also this was the amazing day of Kez's early birthday night out and we drove out ( in her fiances car) to town and have a meal, which took us like 1 hour to find a place open. Washell of a load of laughs having alook around and then finding how all the resturants we need was all around the corner of one another... oh well. In the end I ended up buying a giant jar of cocktail for Kez, well we drank it! and was lovingly... drunk lol but must was... JellyBaby cocktail is sooooo yummy ^^
In the end we drove back and this was the worrying part one for Sam, JakeX and me as we walked into the DARK woods and for Kez and Joe as their car ran out for gas! (Glad yous found a gas station thought and got back safely!) then meeting up with the LONG LONG no meet Yaz!!! at long last we finally meet! and everyone else like Mike and Amber... here we where mostly drunk and therefore sat on the floor for a couple hours... talking XD

Friday- Ha! the first day of Aya... and what costume do i wear in a blazing sunny day? Spandex Taki from Soul Callibur IV

Picture by Nert of ManyLemons
well least it was comfy to walk around just sweating anf freezing at times of the day... got nice pics of the costume and molested by almost every girl friends of mine lol so... so morning was a geat experience XD

Later on we all meet up to creat a group consisting on Kez, Yaz, Joe, JakeX, Sam and me and we went to play the cosplay battle, where we have 30min to dress up one of our team mates into a character or the genre given! Our genre was Mecha and model was Joe 8P so we made a Original Gundam... Whay you think? 8P

Afterwards was the party! Not any party but actually Chevi (AngelAiko) Birthday Party ^^ everyone had to dress in 60s? 70s? 80s? sorry i forgot XD but was awesome we all dressed up, i tried my best but was hard as I couldnt find any neon color outfits XD haha but this will explain the final fun of the day lol

Featuring awesome Kez and Joe ^^

Saturday- MASCARADE DAY! Ok so I was entering the mascarade as Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 6... I was sooo happy ^^ Not that I was going into the mascarade as Zhen Ji, I was pissed of with that as I was offically sick of wearing this costume and at the same time worrying how on earth I was going to take this costume off!
The dress being body tight and none stretch with no zip was proven a pain to get off by many how has helped... Kez who also did Zhen Ji was clever enough to make hers slight loose so she could get out of hers, therefore Kez (Y) to you XD and thank you for ACTUALLY having to rip me out of the damn dress! Oh well before the costume came to its end's of its live got some more pretty pic of it before it died

Photo by Nert of ManyLemons

Before all this stress happen had an awesome time with Yaz, Kez, Joe and Sam where we went to dealers room shopping about XD taking crazy pictures like this

Photo by Leena...? XD
Yes I was Taki in the morning LOL

Really we were just trying to chill out before the mascarade 8P Oh and met Pete for Cosplay Fever was a right laugh talking to him and having a photoshoot lol Sure he is laughing at the answers I gave on the form right now 8P

Also bumped into my other awesome friends Priz, Bec and Jess was shocked to see them all here since we live so close and not manage to know we where all going so was a awesome group reunion lol

Man their costumes are so cute and awesome and damn them for not entering the mascarade XD

After mascarade was the awesome saturday party! before the party we thought to eat a pizza or two before we go... so we all sat outside eating our pizza XD drinking our rose wine well... Yaz's XD and then heading to the party haha Here's a picture of the fun before the party- meaning before a literally pass out XD

Awesome how all the guys sat at the front striking a pose and us girls looking hyper and pulling faces! XD

Sunday- The last day for the con 8'( the time went soo quick that I didn't even take note... it was sad but at the same time really really relaxing fun day ^^  Hung out with Kez, Joe and Yaz the whole day which was awesome! That was the best part! worse part was ... I was in spandex once again XD luckly there was sun so most of the time when I was wearing it I was warm ^^ Here is a picture of Leviathan from Megaman Zero

Photo by Micheal Tsang

Not many pictures yet still waiting for them ¬¬... Redkun...

Anyways we had an awesome picnic in the grass eatting a load of food we bought from CostCutters, the sun made it awesome to sit around, though the flies didnt help XD but that didn't stop us ^^ we went back and forth to dealers room where we all bought many things XD Kez got me a baby Haro!!!

Isn't it sooooo cute??? Thank you Kez ^^ Wuv you big sis! <3

Ahh we later went for the Cosplay Battle 2 XD same group! Shame JakeX couldn't make it... but no worries he got a wolloping for not making it!


Back to the cosplay battle! Again we dressed up Joe, sure he loved it 8P
This time we dressed him up into a Pheonixand i most say... don't cha think we did an awesome job?

I'm chuffed with it! Well done group T&N!!! ;)

After this, we head to the ending ceremony which was awesome showing the drump players (I know they have a proper name but i forgot) XD Once that ending really did hit me that everything has gone so fast! But that didn't stay in my head for long as afterwards it was FINAL PARTY!!!

Final Night of Awesomeness with the great chumsss ^^

Man during this party many things happened from someone actually spilling some sort of red liquid on Kez's £80 kimono O_O we spent ages in the toilets trying to scrub it out XD Hopefully we managed to save the kimono once and for all ^^
Another thing was I managed to lose the inner diamond Heart to my necklace which almost gave me an heart attack!

Picture the diamond heart being just slightly smaller then a 1p

Something that small I lost in a almost pitch black party disc like night with so many people dancing around and I had been walking, jumping, dancing everywhere! My hopes to finding it was really decreasing however amazing... Yaz managed to find it with the dance floor!!! so... OMG YAZ YOU ARE THE SAVIOUR!!!

Then it was all over... and it was farewells to my big sis Kez TT^TT she was first to head off and was sad to say good bye! But they needed their sleep up for the morning drive which is very important! but still miss you!!!!

In the end I hung out with a few more people like, Tom, Nina, Chevi, Mike, Vincent and many more! We had a fun chilling chat about and then I said my good byes as I had to be out of my room at 9:30am!!! Evil con people for making it so early!

But oh well was n awesome weekend and here I leave you all! 2 hours writing!!! i think that is enough for a year XD

Over and out!


kaka_extreme [userpic]

New Photo's!

August 24th, 2009 (02:52 pm)

OK, you have come to realise I will never write up a report on the fun time at Aya as I am far too lazy!
Maybe in a years time as I'm used to writing a report like months later haha XD

For now here are some photos taken by Luminant Photography before I got a bash in

Is an awesome photographer I say 8)

For now enjoy!

Over and out xxx

kaka_extreme [userpic]

The Big Chill Festival

You scared yet LOL

Well came back from The Big Chill Festival, where meand the crew were helping to promote the up coming game of 2010 from Tecmo-Koei called Undead Knights. Here a link to the Undead Knights trailer www.gametrailers.com/video/tgs-2008-undead-knights/41079

The festvial was full of laughs and craziness throughout the whole event! Enough though we only stayed out there for a day it was a good expecience since it was my first time to a festival XD Everyone was dressed as zombies since there was a record breaking zombie event. Me and Laura <3 decided that since we're dressing as zombies... we'll trash up the worlds most ghetto cosplays ever of Remus Blood and Sylvia from the game Undead Knights.

So what more could be said? We were all trashed in paint and blood, stomping about and most of all seeing the Mighty Boosh guy!!! But as the fest is called The Big Chill... your ment to chill and be yourself... just what we all did ^_^ and here's a picture of us lot having a chillaxing time 83

From left to right Ben, Chin, me, Laura and Abid

Can't really write everything on what we did that day as it would take forever and plus you would get bored as well so here is a link to a video of all the best parts of the festival put together by the great almighty Chin!
You can see the great times we had from have the festival laughs to doing the mega walks again and again XD for sure everyone has done enough exercise for the next week or so LOL

Here's a little trailer video my friend Chin made of cutting out a section of the video in the fest of me and adding crazy sound effects to it enjoy and feel the fear
Well after the fest, after eating the wonderful food everything ended with a bag of yummy candyfloss I got the pink and Laura got the blue but hell was an awesome way to end the crazy day! (Y) yeah!

That is it end of the awesome day in Herefordshire and a beginning of a wonderful day trip in London where I found millions of Doraemon stuff! Here's my best finding and picture of the day out XD

Doraemon watermelon keyring (^_^) isn't it just soooo cute?!

Here is the ending event at the London Eye, I love this pic as everything behind me is lit up! ^^

And here I say thank you TecmoKoei for the crazy festival fun and thanks to chin for putting up with me for the London trip around lol XD

For now I've turned into a PSP ...over and out !


!!!Ayacon in 5 days!!!

kaka_extreme [userpic]

LiveJournal at long last

August 8th, 2009 (05:47 pm)
current mood: awake

 Hello to all!

This is Kaka Extreme speaking to all at long last O_O be very shocked!!! but at the same time be amazed I have found my LiveJournal wooooooo! This is thanks to my friend Lex (Lex_is_Evil) as she found this and told me XD

Well for now all I can say is... Im happy I'm home from The Big Chill festival in Herefordshire and then a day for fun run around in London LOL

Here is a happy face!

That is it for now stay tuned to hear after the trip to The Big Chill 83

Over and out! xxx

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